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Toronto Life

16 things at Sweet Addictions Candy Co. that you won’t find anywhere else

The new west end shop Sweet Addictions Candy Co. has something to satisfy every sweet, salty or spicy craving. But it also carries a whole bunch of wacky imported goods, the majority of them—unsurprisingly—from the U.S. of A. Here, 16 snacks you won’t find in just any Canadian convenience store, ranked from “Yeah, I’d eat that,” to “What kind of monster made this?”

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Ossington Village

Inside Sweet Addictions Candy Store

Ossington and Dundas has a new and unique Candy Store!

Sweet Addictions opened earlier this month at 1134 Dundas Street West, just east of Ossington. This is not your average candy store. In fact, when we stopped in to check it out, we saw a lot of products we had never heard of before, let alone seen.

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Sweet Addictions Candy

Sweet Addictions Candy is a haven for all things sugary and junk food right near the corner of Dundas and Ossington next to 24-hour diner institution: The Lakeview. Both parents of owner Matthew Rafael owned candy stores at one point, and his dad is still a wholesaler, giving him the inside edge on getting all the craziest and rarest products.

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